creager-rafidison fiduciary services


  • Trustee: I carry out the terms of a testamentary, special needs, or living trust.
  • Conservator: Court appointed conservator of the estate or person.
  • Power of Attorney: Carry out decisions pursuant to the client's written instructions.
  • Estate Administrator/Executor: I take the burden from a grieving family and take on duties to administer a decedants esate.
  • Bill Pay Services: I can help you or a family member pay monthly bills and create a budget.


professional fiduciary services - aprille rafidison fiduciary


Fiduciaries play a unique and vital role in today's society-serving everyone from our most vulnerable populations to independent, productive people who need assistance making sound financial, healh care and day-to-day decisions. Fiduciaries serve as a bridge between you, your family, health care provdiers, caregivers, attorneys and financial planners, while providing you with peace of mind by protecting both your physical and financial interests.

A Fiduciary serves as a bridge between you and family members. I objectively look at the "big picture" to determine what is best for you or your family member. I offer background training and experience to ensure the health and well being of vulnerable clients. I make financial, healh care and quality of life decisions to protect the wishes and best interests of the clients I serve. I am a trustwrothy advocate for the elderly, vulnerable and individuals in need. I draw on experience in seeking available public benefits, programs and other resources that will improve the life of my client and/or supplement my clients personal resources.