creager-rafidison fiduciary services


Aprille Rafidison

I grew up in the Bay Area, attending St. Helena Elementary as a young child.  I have lived in the Bay Area for most of my life and most of my family still lives in the wine country and San Francisco.


I attended San Francisco State University and received a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. My first job out of school was at Genentech in South San Francisco as an analyst. From there I worked at Elan Pharmaceusticals and Virologic as a reimbursement analyst, having followed the Director of my group at Genentech. I have always loved to travel and have traveled extensively in Europe, parts of Asia and parts of Africa, so in 2003 I joined the Peace Corps and was sent to Madagascar for just over 2 years. While in Madagascar I worked with village women teaching them how to build more fuel efficient cookstoves and how to grow a market garden.


After I returned from Madagascar, and was searching the job market, I heard that professional fiduciaries were in demand and so I looked into exactly what a professional fiduciary does and discovered that it was a good fit for my background, skills and my personality. I attended classes at UC Fullerton and received my two certificates in Fiduciary Management, took the licensing test, passed and started my business.


I love my job. I am a problem solver and I love organizing, coordinating and caring for people who are unable to do so themselves. Throughout my life I have always confronted the bullies and been an advocate for those that were more vulnerable, who were picked on, or taken advantage of and that is what I do in my business; I fight for my clients rights and welfare and do not back down to the bullies and abusers.


Unfortunately in my line of work I come across elder abuse; physical, mental and mostly financial. I do not cower when I come face to face with an abuser, I stand up and fight. It is not easy, but I do what needs to be done and take the punches that are thrown at me, all to protect my vulnerable clients; your grandmother, your mother, I will not let you down.