Aprille Rafidison

Professional Fiduciary


Power of Attorney

  • Licensed Professional Fiduciary
  • Certificate in Professional Fiduciary Management - Conservator
  • Certificate in Professional Fiduciary Management - Trustee
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resource Management
  • Peace Corps Volunteer, Madagascar

Provide services as conservator of the person, estate or both.



I can be named Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Finance.

 Aprille is a concerned, conscientious, and passionate fiduciary who deeply cares about her clients and fiercely protects their interests. She is honest, kind and comletely trustworthy. I highly recommend Aprille as a fiduciary, and continue to look forward to work with her on future mutual matters.

Teresa Norton, Attorney

I can help elders with paying their monthly bills and developing a budget

Bill Pay

creager-rafidison fiduciary services



Member of The Professional Fiduciary Association of California


One who holds a fiduciary relationship or acts in a fiduciary capacity to another; a trustee.

of, or relating to, or involving a confidence or trust.


Available to act as trustee or successor trustee for both living trusts and special needs trusts